High Prices Are Causing Propane Pipelines To Reverse North


The recent spate of cold weather this winter, preceeded by high propane demand for a wet corn crop has caused propane prices throughout the Midwest to spike to unprecedented levels.  Those conditions have caused one gas pipeline company, ONEOK NGL, LLC to file paperwork with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission stating that they will be reversing the flow of their pipeline which flows from Kansas down to Oklahoma.
The company’s filing stated they will be reversing the flow of “North Line 5”, which typically runs north to south, in an effort increase the amount of barrels the company can ship to Conway, Kansas where large amounts of the nation’s propane supplies are stored.  Alesia Spears, a spokesman for the company, says the pipeline system is complicated, but the reversal in flow will allow ONEOK to move propane from it’s Medford, OK location to Hutchinson, KS or Bushton, KS, both areas closed to Conway.