Record Producer Support For Beef Checkoff


A recent survey of more than 12-hundred beef and dairy producers shows support for the beef checkoff at 78-percent. According to the checkoff – that’s the highest recorded in the past 21-years. The survey – conducted in last December and early January found an overwhelming majority of beef and dairy producers say the beef checkoff has value for them in many ways. Eight out of 10 say the beef checkoff has helped contribute to a positive trend in beef demand, 71-percent say the beef checkoff contributes to the profitability of their operations and 79-percent say the checkoff represents their interests.
Producer Communications Working Group Chair Jeanne Harland says the beef checkoff has served the beef industry with programs producers want for nearly 28 years – which is why producers see the checkoff as representing their interests. To succeed in this increasingly competitive world – Harland says beef producers must be able to produce a safe, nutritious and sustainable product – but also promote its benefits here at home and around the globe. She says they can only do that by working together through the beef checkoff.
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