Kinze Refines Autonomous Harvest System

Kinze Manufacturing continues to make progress on the world’s first large-scale, truly autonomous row-crop system, with three farmers successfully using the system and testing functionality in fields throughout Illinois this fall.
Based on feedback from farmers testing the system since 2012, Kinze added new functionality this year, including the ability to run multiple combines and autonomous carts in the field simultaneously.
During Trade Talk at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention in Kansas City, we spoke with Kinze Service Manager Phil Jennings.
Phil Jennings
The system automatically chooses from the multiple carts in the field the one that is most appropriate when the combine operator makes a request to unload. The system also keeps tabs on all the vehicles operating in the field so that the autonomous grain carts always take the safest and most efficient path to the combines.
As Kinze proceeds with its multi-year plan to launch the autonomous harvest system commercially, their priority is to evaluate performance in different environments before making it widely available for purchase.  Ensuring the system operates reliably in many different conditions will be Kinze’s focus for 2015.