Obama To Intervene In West Coast Port Disputes

Various sources this morning are reporting that President Obama will intervene in the ongoing west coast labor dispute following months of negotiations between the ports and the International Longshore and Warehousing Union.  The White House is intervening as the work slowdown has hurt both the import and export of various goods through the major ports and is causing severe economic stress in certain industries.  The Port of Oakland alone is reporting 18 ships currently anchored in the bay as of Friday, with no unloads scheduled until today.
The Pacific Maritime association has accused the ILWU, which represents around 20,000 dockworkers and operators of purposely slowing operations.  Specifically, the PMA says the union has short staffed the cranes needed to unload cargo off the ships, although ILWU denies this.   The union says it needs to properly train the operators on safety procedures.
Exactly how the president will intervene remains to be seen.  We will update this story accordingly throughout the day