House Ag Committee Votes To Repeal COOL

With that, The House Ag Committee passed a bill this morning that would repeal the now offending Country of Origin labeling law.  The move is meant to preempt any retaliation measures by Canada or Mexico now that the U.S. is found to be out of compliance with international trade laws.  Not everyone is on board.  House Ag Ranking Member Colin Peterson of Minnesota:
Peterson 1
Peterson also saw other challenges ahead :
Peterson 2
Peterson was in the minority.  Livestock Subcommittee Ranking Member Jim Costa, Democrat out of California cautioned against the repercussions if Country of Origin Labeling were to remain the law of the land:
Costa 1
Schedules are such that the bill is unlikely to make it to the full House floor until June.   No word on when the Senate might consider a similar measure.