Dow Releases Two New Herbicides Designed To Combat Resistance, Ease Use

Dow AgroSciences announced earlier this week that it will be releasing two herbicides for producers, both designed to combat the building problem of herbicide resistance.
For corn growers, Dow will be releasing Resicore with an expected registration coming in 2016.  Resicore will work through three non-glyphosate and non-atrazine modes of action, with acetochlor, mesotrione, and clopyralid the three active ingredients.  Resicore will be able to be applied from preplant all the way up until early post emergence.
“Resicore is designed to control weeds throughout the season,” says Luke Peters, corn herbicides product manager, Dow AgroSciences. “It will provide trusted residual control, resistance management and resounding yield potential as the core of growers’ weed control programs.”
In 2014 trials, Resicore herbicide had a 97 percent efficacy rating on many common weeds found in Midwest fields such as waterhemp, marestail, giant ragweed and Palmer amaranth.  Currently, waterhemp populations have shown resistance to five different modes of action in 18 states. Additionally, resistance to multiple modes of action has been confirmed in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota and Missouri.
“Waterhemp continues to top the list of troublesome weeds for corn growers,” Peters says. “With three active ingredients that have never been included in a single product before, Resicore is a new, unique option for growers seeking control of waterhemp and other herbicide-resistant weeds.”
In soybeans, Dow will be releasing Surveil for the 2016 season.  Surveil is a pre-emergence herbicide with residual value that comes premixed.  It can be applied preplant up to three days post plant, just prior to emergence.  There is a short rotational interval, but growers can rotate to most key crop within 9 months following application.
“This new formulation is the first to offer growers the convenience of having the active ingredients flumioxazin and cloransulam-methyl together in one easy-to-use premix,” says Melissa Olds, formulation chemist for Dow AgroSciences. “This product was developed so that it would be easy for growers to use. You’ll find Surveil offers excellent handling properties, such as dispersing quickly when added to water.”

The two modes of action deliver proven, residual performance to help growers tackle herbicide resistance issues and hard-to-control weeds such as marestail, Palmer amaranth, and giant and common ragweed.