Corn Growers Pursuing Long-Term Feed Demand from Livestock Operations – AUDIO

North Dakota’s anti-corporate farm law dates back to the 1930’s –  it prohibits corporations from owning and operating farmland.
The 2015 North Dakota Legislature passed a law that would make an exemption for swine and dairy operations, in hopes the state might become more competitive in attracting new dairies and swine facilities.
Before the legislature passed exemptions to promote dairy and swine production, North Dakota was the only one of nine states with corporate farming laws with no exemptions – a constraint that supporters of the new law argued was hampering the development of new livestock ventures in the state.
CornventionWe visited on the sidelines of the North Dakota “Cornvention” with Jeff Enger, a producer leader that serves with the North Dakota Corn Growers. The Cornvention wrapped up Wednesday at the Fargo Holiday Inn.
Enger, of Marion, ND,  is chairman of the group’s Livestock and Ethanol Committee. They support trying to gear up long-term demand for corn-feed use —  with expanded livestock operations in the state.
You can listen to our visit —   ND Corn Jeff Enger and Rusty Halvorson
However, opponents to the Dairy and Swine measure in North Dakota gathered enough valid signatures last year to put the issue up to voters on the June 2016 ballot.
The North Dakota Farmers Union is one of the groups pushing to overturn the law at the ballot box.