Dicamba Tolerant Soybeans Running Into Acceptance Hurdles

Some Midwestern grain elevators are telling farmers they will not accept Dicamba-tolerant soybeans without European Union approval. Reports are that several major elevators are saying they cannot accept the soybeans until or unless the European Union accepts the trait. Dicamba-tolerant soybeans produced from the Roundup Ready 2 Xtend trait are due to commercialize this spring. A Monsanto spokesperson says the company expects EU approvals on the trait “in the immediate future.” An ADM spokesman was quoted as saying, “the company has a general policy not to accept grain or oilseeds that contain GE traits that do not have approval from our major export markets.” In the last marketing year, the EU accounted for nine percent of soybean exports and ten percent of soybean meal exports. China approved the trait early last month.
Also troubling news for the product, the Environmental Protection Agency has yet to approve a dicamba herbicide to use with the new trait.  No word at present on when EPA might make that decision.