Renewable Fuels Association Concerned About President's Commitment To Biofuels

ethanolA key leader in the ethanol industry is questioning President Obama’s legacy on renewable fuels following the Environmental Protection Agency’s latest Renewable Fuel Standard proposal.
Renewable Fuels Association president Bob Dinneen says the EPA draft RFS that comes up short of the overall statutory target by more than five billion gallons…
Dineen on RFS
Dineen’s group has already filed a lawsuit against the EPA over the EPA’s earlier RFS rule for 2014,15 and 16. RFA’s chief concedes EPA’s scaling back advanced biofuels use is “understandable” based on the slow progress of the industry. However, he accuses the administration of abusing its authority in scaling back conventional ethanol use when there is plenty of supply, but infrastructure has fallen short.
Meanwhile, Growth Energy’s Tom Buis previously stressed that the RFS is working…tape
Buis on RFS
Numerous farm groups and lawmakers of both parties are weighing in with disappointment over the latest RFS draft, hoping the EPA will change course in the final rule.
EPA will hold a public hearing on the proposal next month in Kansas City, Missouri. The public comment period will be open until July 11th.