Challenge of North Dakota's Anti-Corporate Farming Law Headed for Federal Court

North Dakota’s corporate farming law is being challenged in Federal Court.
The North Dakota Farm Bureau filed the suit on Thursday. They contend the law is unconstitutional and discriminatory.
North Dakota Farm Bureau President Daryl Lies says farmers should be allowed to benefit from a corporate structure just like almost any other business.
ND Farm Bureau Lawsuit 1
The Farm Bureau thinks the current anti-corporate farming law is outdated and forces North Dakota to operate at an economic disadvantage compared to neighboring states like South Dakota.
ND Farm Bureau Lawsuit 2
Some question the timing of the lawsuit – it comes less than two weeks before voters weigh in on a ballot measure to determine whether or not to uphold exceptions to corporate farming law passed by lawmakers last session.
ND Farm Bureau Lawsuit 3
Supporters that want to keep anti-corporate farming laws on the books argue that lifting the restrictions would consolidate farms into the hands of large corporations at the expense of small or medium operations. However, Lies says government statistics don’t back that argument up.
ND Farm Bureau Lawsuit 4
It’s hard to say how long the federal court case will take to play out, but Lies says his group is in it for the long haul.
ND Farm Bureau Lawsuit 5
Lies says the court system is the only appropriate place to settle the question without the issue being derailed by emotion, for fueled by public relations and advertising firms.