ND CommonGround Hosts Banquet In A Field

BIAFThe first week of August is generally what a lot of farmers in the Northern Plains think of as a great time for socializing.  For one group, however, the week has come to mean a time of camaraderie and building bridges between the minority who grow the food and the majority who consume it.  It’s the week of Banquet In A Field, an annual event sponsored by North Dakota CommonGround and hosted by Peterson Farms Seed.  Suzanne Wolf is the staff lead for CommonGround and also the Media Director for the North Dakota Soybean Council.  She explains the idea behind the event:
Wolf 1
The event offers a way for consumers and producers to interact in a completely different way; meeting face to face in a manner that isn’t always possible.  Banquet In A Field is credited as the brain child of Julie Peterson, one of the founding members of CommonGround in North Dakota and one of the co-owners of Peterson Farms Seed:
Peterson 1
In fact, the Banquet has been so successful its become a year round effort:
Peterson 2
Also contributing to the event were AgCountry Farm Credit Services, Napoleon Livestock, North Dakota Beef Commission, North Dakota Corn Council, North Dakota Lamb & Wool Producers Association, North Dakota Pork Council, North Dakota Soybean Council, North Dakota Soybean Growers Association, North Dakota Wheat Commission, Northarvest Beans, Peterson Farms Seed, Sarah & the Lost Italian, Northern Crops Institute, North Dakota Barley Council, Northern Plains Potatoes, Midwest Dairy Association, ND Honey Producers, Red River Valley Sugarbeet Growers Association, NDSU Meat Science