National Association of State Departments of Ag Remains Positive On NAFTA- AUDIO

The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture recently held their policy conference in Washington D.C. The North American Free Trade Agreement was one topic of discussion as President Donald Trump will be pushing to renegotiate the agreement. NASDA Public Policy Director Nathan Bowen says NAFTA has been a big boost for American agriculture:
Bowen NAFTA 1
Bowen says they want to make sure they keep the gains American agriculture has made under NAFTA but would also like to see it strengthened where possible. He says many sectors of agriculture have seen a direct benefit from the agreement:
Bowen NAFTA 2
Bowen says there are some areas where NAFTA could be improved:
Bowen NAFTA 3
He says a lot of trade barriers have come down thanks to what Bowen calls the “harmonization between our three countries.” The State Directors, Secretaries, and Commissioners of Agriculture have done a lot of work with their Canadian and Mexican counterparts to overcome any challenges when they’ve come up from time to time.
Although there is uncertainty among American trading partners, Bowen said the upcoming negotiations may represent an opportunity for improving the deal for Canada and Mexico as well:
Bowen NAFTA 4
Bowen adds that several members of the Trump administration still need to be officially put in place yet, so discussions likely won’t start right away.