South Dakota Announces Positive Bovine Tuberculosis Case

Cow picSome worrisome news for cattle producers out of South Dakota in the past few days.  The South Dakota Animal Industry Board announced a positive finding of Bovine Tuberculosis in a herd out of Harding County.  We were able to speak with South Dakota State Veterinarian Dr. Dustin Oedekoven:
Dr Oedekoven 1
Dr. Oedekoven  cautioned that as much as the industry wants answers, the simple fact is that the series of tests for Bovine Tuberculosis aren’t quick:
Dr Oedekoven 2
South Dakota became an accredited TB free state back in 1982, but there have been other isolated cases.  One was reported in Yankton County in 2009 and the other in Hutchinson County in 2011.  For the time being, South Dakota will maintain their TB Free status, depending on if and how many new cases arise.