Bayer AgVocacy Forum: Advancements in Seed Lubricants Help Protect Honey Bees – Audio

AgVocacy-Forum-Logo-BannerThe folks at Bayer CropScience have been working hard the last several years to develop and implement the best stewardship management practices that promote honey bee health.
Although there is already a low-level of potential for pollinators to come in contact with dust from treated seed during planting, experts continue to examine ways to help reduce the amount of total dust released in treated seeds.
In San Antonio at the Bayer AgVocacy Forum prior to planting, we visited with the folks at Bayer about an improved formulation of the Bayer Fluency Agent product introduced in 2014, for use on corn and soybean seed,  Fluency Agent Advanced.
Take a Listen to our visit with — Melissa Chu, Bayer SeedGrowth product manager, Ron Reichert, Application Technology Manager for SeedGrowth, and Janesville, Iowa, grower Jerry Dove.

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