Canadian and US Dairy Industries Feud Over Milk

cowsTrade has been an issue of increasing importance since the inauguration of Donald Trump. Much of agriculture has been focused on NAFTA rules, Mexico, and corn, but there’s a new feud brewing between the US and Canada. This time over milk.  At the heart of the disagreement: an obscure quality rule regarding “ultra-filtered milk”, which Canada deems a Class 7.  The newly enforced rules have skyrocketed the price of importing US milk into Canada, leaving Grassland Dairy Products of Wisconsin telling 75 of it’s producers they will no longer have a place to sell their production come month end.
Dairy Farmers of Canada spokesperson Therese Beaulieu says protections for Canada’s dairy farmers were in place before the Class 7 pricing rule, but weren’t being enforced…tape
Beaulieu Canadian Milk 1
She says Canada does not wish ill on Wisconsin farmers, but says there is nothing to blame Canada for…
Beaulieu Canada Milk 2
When asked about that response, US Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin had this to say:
Baldwin Canada Milk 1
Baldwin, along with 2 senators from New York sent a letter to the administration about the situation last week, but Baldwin says not having an Ag Secretary in place has been a tremendous hurdle