USMEF Audio Report: U.S. Beef Showcased in Baltic Region

Although U.S. beef is available in hotels, restaurants and retail outlets across much of the Baltic region, pricing and stiff competition make it a challenging market for U.S. exporters. To help meet these challenges, the U.S. Meat Export Federation continues to showcase the quality of U.S. beef and demonstrate to importers new ideas for utilizing both premium and alternative cuts.
One example of USMEF’s work are U.S. beef master classes being conducted by Cheyenne McEndaffer, USMEF technical services manager, and Yuri Barutkin, USMEF representative in the region.
Ralph Loos, Director of Communications for the U.S. Meat Export Federation, shared this report with farm broadcasters.  —>  Cheyenne McEndaffer on U.S. Beef Classes in Baltic
The classes, held in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, are designed to engage importers and highlight the attributes that set U.S. beef apart from competitors’ products.