Has The Kansas Wheat Crop Recovered? Extension Specialist Says Partially

The hard red winter wheat crop in Kansas has been under serious stress this spring. It’s been frozen, covered with snow, drowned, and riddled with disease. Still it may not be as bad off as conditions suggest. Romulo Lollato has been walking the fields. He’s a K-State Extension wheat and forage specialist. ..tape
Lullato 1
So, not so much damage to the hard red winter wheat crop in Kansas from prolonged exposure to the cold as it laid buried under snow a couple of weeks ago. However, the sheer weight of the snow has caused problems says Lollato…tape
Lullato 2
Kinked and bent stems aren’t fairing nearly so well, Even then Lollato isn’t hesitant to venture a guess as to how much damage has been done. If the weather is hot, as is usually the case at this time of year in western Kansas, the damage could be significant with either grain not being made, or low test weight grain. If it is moist and cool, then things will look a lot better for Kansas wheat farmers.