Trump Orders Bigger Role for Apprenticeship Program while Gov. Daugaard and Others Visit the White House

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard today is joining seven other governors at the White House to discuss workforce. The meetings will include discussions with President Donald Trump, cabinet secretaries and White House senior staff officials.
“I thank President Trump for engaging the states on workforce, and I appreciate that his administration has consistently involved state leaders in discussions on issues of national importance,” Daugaard said. “Every state is dealing with a shortage of qualified workers, and this is an area where we can learn from one another.”
The meeting is being held as a part of the President’s workforce development week.
Trump on Thursday ordered more money and a bigger role for private companies in designing apprenticeship programs meant to fill some of the 6 million open jobs in the U.S.
Agriculture is one of the industries that is struggling to find a new generation of workers.
Here’s a snippet of audio from Trump’s speech —>     Trump Apprenticeship
Under Trump’s order, the government will review and streamline some 43 workforce programs across 13 agencies.
During the meeting, Daugaard planned to highlight current workforce efforts being undertaken in South Dakota, including the Build Dakota scholarship, South Dakota Works job search website and the state’s dual credit program. The Governor hopes to bring home best practices from the gathering and to encourage federal support for state workforce development efforts.