NCGA Celebrates 20 Years of The National Plant Genome Initiative

NCGA The National Corn Growers Association is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the National Plant Genome Initiative. The program reached the milestone Friday, October 27, 2017. The historic research effort to map the corn genome, supported by NCGA, has resulted in significant economic and environmental dividends for farmers and society at large.
Rodney Williamson, Iowa Corn Growers Association director of research and development, says the anniversary is a significant milestone for corn growers, and all of agriculture…
Williamson NPGI
The gene mapping effort, which ran parallel to the mapping of the human genome, opened up a new frontier for corn that is still being explored today…tape
Improved Productivity
At 2.5 billion base pairs covering 10 chromosomes, this genome’s size is comparable to that of the human genome which explains why the data generated from the gene mapping will keep scientists sorting and exploring for decades to come. However, Williamson says the research will pay off for farmers…tape
A new initiative, called Genomes to Fields, is an effort to understand what genes control what traits in the corn plant…tape
According to USDA, corn production in the U.S. has grown from roughly nine billion bushels in 1997 when the initiative began to more than 15 billion bushels today. At the same time, the value of the U.S. crop has grown from $25 billion to more than $51 billion.