American Ag Network and WDAY-TV Weather Teaming Up

WDAY-TVIn our continuing mission to bring our listeners the latest, most accurate information, American Ag Network is thrilled to announce the addition of WDAY-TV Storm Tracker Weather meteorologists to our line-up. WDAY-TV meteorologists are known for being the best at what they do, and now you can hear them on your American Ag Network station as well.  At American Ag Network, we know your weather information is vital, and that is why we sought out the most trusted names in the Dakotas.

DayTime (Central)ProgramLength
Mon-Sat6:20 a.m.South Dakota Farm News4:00
Mon-Sat6:25 a.m.North Dakota Farm News4:00
Mon-Fri6:30 a.m.South Dakota Weather3:00
Mon-Fri6:35 a.m.North Dakota Weather3:00
Mon-Fri6:50 a.m.E-Trade Grains/Livestock Recap3:00
Mon-Sat7:15 a.m.South Dakota Farm News4:00
Mon-Fri7:25 a.m.North Dakota Farm News4:00
Mon-Fri7:50 a.m.E-Trade Review/Livestock Call3:00
Mon-Fri9:15 a.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Fri9:40 a.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Fri10:25 a.m.Ag Weather/Markets3:00
Mon-Fri10:55 a.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Fri11:50 a.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Fri12:20 p.m.Farm News Today4:00
Mon-Fri12:45 p.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Sat12:50 p.m.South Dakota Farm News4:00
Mon-Sat12:55 p.m.North Dakota Farm News4:00
Mon-Fri1:15 p.m.Livestock Close3:00
Mon-Fri1:35 p.m.Markets3:00
Mon-Fri2:06 p.m.Grain/Livestock Close4:00