The Northern Corn and Soybean Expo

The North Dakota Corn Council and The North Dakota Soybean Council came together Tuesday to put on the first combined Northern Corn and Soybean Expo. Producers and industry leaders from across the region, attended the trade show to gain insight on new technology, attend breakout sessions and participate in the council’s annual meetings.
The Corn and Soybean expo gave producers and others in the trade, exposure to all areas of the industry. “There’s a lot of good people, smart people here, a lot of different opinions,” said Miles Novak a volunteer at the expo.
The Farm Bill, which as a been a hot topic this year, was a focus. “It’s interesting to hear what other people think about the Farm Bill, what their perspectives are and what they would like to see in 2018,” said Miles. Attendees were also able to sit in on a Farm Bill Panel at one of the morning breakout sessions.