Helena Chemical Launches Four New Products


Helena Chemical Company has introduced four new innovative products to their 2018 lineup, providing all agronomic solutions in one convenient service—the Helena Acre. Helena’s new product lineup is uniquely designed to target specific yield-limiting agronomic problems, bringing growers greater returns on their investments. The new product lineup includes Ele-Max® Sulfur LC, Sultrus™, N-Fixx® XLR and Antares® Prime.

The Helena Acre and Helena services provide accessibility and a trusted partnership with growers to create a customized solution to weed control, sulfur deficiencies, nitrogen loss and insect protection. The Helena Acre is a comprehensive program utilizing agronomic research and field intelligence to develop a total production system for growers. With access to top seed genetics, more than 20 years of precision ag experience and unique Helena products, Helena’s new innovative product lineup will help solve growers’ problems in the field.

Ele-Max Sulfur LC manages in-season sulfur deficiencies with an exclusive crop-safe foliar blend, utilizing ENC® Formulation Technology to provide balanced nutrition and faster plant uptake. Powerful combination.

Sultrus is a foliar insecticide with a broad crop range, offering protection from more than 215 insects on over 240 crops. An umbrella of protection.

N-Fixx XLR controls nitrogen loss at lower application rates and corrects common urea and UAN application problems with patented FLOWTECH™ Formulation Technology. Excellent stability. Minimal input.

Antares Prime, a pre-emergent herbicide, provides long residual control in soybeans with a unique ratio of active ingredients to control the most troublesome weeds. Its liquid formulation provides long, residual control with a clean, early start. New direction in weed control.

Helena’s innovative integration offers unique partnerships delivering customers a performance edge built on quality and convenience. By providing access to the best products in the industry and combining them with our own unique technologies, our integrated innovation platform delivers cutting-edge services to growers. Helena’s expertise in formulation, manufacturing and distribution will provide advanced recommendations that result in top yields