Mandatory Dicamba Training with Monsanto

Farmers who plan on using dicamba herbicide now must meet mandatory training requirements, as per the Environmental Protection Agency. Among its uses, dicamba controls annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in grain crops. Makers of dicamba pesticides, along with some state agencies, are offering free training to help growers meet this new requirement.
Ahead of the 2018 growing season, Monsanto is providing hundreds of free, in-person training sessions to help reinforce proper use of low-volatility dicamba formulations to control weeds in the Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System. Under the new federal Restricted Use Pesticide label, training is mandatory for all applicators prior to using low-volatility dicamba formulations, including XtendiMax® Herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology.
American Ag Network’s Rusty Halvorson talked with Ryan Rubischko, Monsanto’s North American dicamba portfolio lead. Rubischko said the company worked with the states to determine if there were any areas on which the state agencies wanted the trainings to focus.
“We’ve tweaked our curriculum to work together,” Rubischko said. “And most importantly have even more success for the Xtend crop system for this coming season.”
He said the workshops have a local focus and take into consideration local growing conditions.
“These trainings will focus on the product labels, application requirements, some specific record keeping requirements that will be incorporated in this new label,” he explained.
The trainings are targeted for growers and applicators, and is mandatory. Rubischko said the Monsanto trainings last about 90 minutes each.
“The focus is on all applicators, anyone who is going to go into the sprayer and apply these new dicamba formulations this coming season will be required to attend these mandatory trainings,” he said. “We’ve really tried to simplify this and provide an easy access for all applicators to find out where trainings are going on in their local area.”
He said the best place for applicators to find that information from Monsanto is on the company’s new website,
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