U.S. Producers Take Action as China Launches Sorghum Trade Investigation

sorghumNational Sorghum Producers set in motion last week a strategy to respond to the announcement of anti-dumping and countervailing duties investigations into imports of U.S. sorghum by the Chinese government.
The Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, also known as MOFCOM, announced the cases last Sunday. National Sorghum Producers CEO Tim Lust released a statement Monday saying NSP will participate fully in the investigations and work closely with our stakeholders and partners to demonstrate U.S. sorghum farmers do not dump sorghum into China and that U.S. sorghum is not unfairly subsidized. NSP also pointed to the industry’s long-standing relationships with valued Chinese partners. The investigation is expected to last a year or more.
Lust and U.S. Grains Council CEO Tom Sleight also noted in media interviews amidst uncertainty in the trade that the market in China is not shut down, and, to the industry’s knowledge, sales contracts continue to be executed. Sorghum bids across the nation reacted to this uncertainty Monday, but by Thursday, the market was stabilizing and bids were being reestablished.
Capitol HillBy fortuitous timing, almost two dozen sorghum farmers and staff representing NSP were in Washington, D.C., last week for their annual legislative fly-in. These producers collectively held almost 100 meetings with the White House, Congressmen, Senators, cabinet officials and their respective staffs, raising awareness surrounding this issue and underscoring the need for support as the process moves forward. NSP Chairman Don Bloss from Pawnee City, Nebraska, and Vice Chairman Dan Atkisson of Stockton, Kansas, lead many critical meetings on the industry’s behalf.
“National Sorghum Producers exists for times like these to provide leadership for our industry,” Bloss said. “We are fully engaged and committed to helping our producers and the industry through this process, including answering whatever questions we can about the process and the impact it will have on our growers.”
NSP will provide more information to our farmers and industry as it becomes available and this process moves forward.
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