Ag Groups React to House Farm Bill Release


AFBFFarm Bureau President Zippy Duvall says the release of the House Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018 assures farmers and ranchers that congressional leaders recognize the challenges Ag is facing. He says, “Farm Bureau is pleased to see meaningful adjustments to the current farm bill’s dairy and Agriculture Risk Coverage programs, as well as new provisions for cotton farmers included in the commodity title.” National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson says he appreciates the committee’s hard work in putting together the bill. “Congressional leadership has severely hamstrung the committee’s ability to address the six-year, 50 percent decline in the farm economy,” Johnson says. “Family farmers deserve to be a priority and have a safety net that addresses the current economic conditions.” The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association was pleased that the Ag Committee authorized the Foot and Mouth Disease vaccine bank, which they say is vitally important to the safety of the livestock industry. The American Soybean Association thanked the committee for including authorization for the Foreign Market Development Program and for funding the Market Access Program.