Agriculture Disappointed in EPA RIN Waivers


The National Corn Growers Association says reported Renewable Fuel Standard waivers granted to a large refiner undermine the RFS. NCGA President Kevin Skunes says the granting of the waivers significantly reduces the number of gallons of fuel blended with ethanol, “hurting rural economies and the nation’s corn farmers.” Reuters reported earlier this week that the Environmental Protection Agency granted RFS waivers to a large refining company, essentially letting the company ‘off the hook’ from its obligations to blend ethanol fuels. The reports also angered Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, who says the waivers, intended for small, struggling refiners, would amount to “a massive government handout to a big corporation.” Andeavor owns the refineries that allegedly received the waivers, and the company made a profit of more than $1.5 billion last year. Grassley says the alleged secret waivers granted by the EPA are more than unfair, adding the practice “may be illegal.”