Farm Groups Outline Fake Meat Regulation Desires


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association submitted comments Tuesday to the Department of Agriculture outlining key principles for the regulation of fake meat products. NCBA is requesting USDA to work with the Food and Drug Administration to “take appropriate, immediate enforcement action against improperly-labeled imitation products.” In its comments, NCBA stated the organization believes the term beef “should only be applicable to products derived from actual livestock raised by farmers and ranchers.” Meanwhile, the National Farmers Union submitted comments Tuesday, as well, supporting another set of proposals by the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association. NFU President Roger Johnson says NFU supports USCA’s request to restrict the broader definition of “meat” to the tissue or flesh of animals that have been harvested in the traditional manner. That includes not allowing the use of “meat” on labels for plant-based alternatives and lab-grown alternatives.