New Video Addresses Gasoline Retailer E15 Liability Concerns


A controversial new video was released today, addressing fuel retailer concerns about potential liability for vehicle damage from the new E15 fuel on the website. The video features current E15 marketers talking openly about customer E15 complaints and includes a collection of consumers who have had damage or had warranties voided by using E15. The video is the fifth in a series featuring current E15 and flex fuel retailers who share their experiences and answer common marketer questions about offering the new higher ethanol blends.

“There are going to be some people who aren’t very happy about this video,” said Ron Lamberty, ACE Senior Vice President and host of each episode, “but we felt it was important to get E15 retailers and their customers on the record so other marketers considering adding E15 know what they can expect. With all they’ve heard about the dangers of ethanol, prospective retailers need to know the truth about how other marketers like them have dealt with the E15 liability issue.”

E15 was tested for several years and millions of miles by EPA before it approved its use in all 2001 and newer cars and light trucks, and drivers have logged billions of miles using E15 since its approval. “ACE talks with fuel marketers constantly, and it doesn’t do (the ethanol industry) any good if we don’t share the information we get from them with other E15 retailers or prospective retailers,” Lamberty said. “People need to know if there are really issues with E15, and like it or not, this video is an accurate representation of what retailers and drivers are really up against.”

The American Ag Network visited with Lamberty about the new video.

The video series and are being promoted through paid advertising in print and online convenience store industry publications and websites. In April, ads are running on Convenience Store Decisions and NACS online websites. Retailers interested in more information about E15 and flex fuels, ethanol marketing and promotion, infrastructure, or logistics can contact Lamberty at ACE.

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