ACE Attending Tractor Rally Today in Sioux Falls, SD

Farm, biofuel, and community leaders hosted a tractor rally in Sioux Falls today, where more than 200 participants voiced their concerns about attacks on homegrown biofuels led by the chief of the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) Scott Pruitt, who is passing through the state this week. The American Coalition for Ethanol(ACE) CEO Brian Jennings says two reasons for the rally is to feature farm voices from across South Dakota.



The Senate Ag Committee is marking up its version of the farm bill Wednesday. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley took a moment to give a scathing stump speech about what Scott Pruitt is doing, how this demand destruction is affecting the ethanol industry and how it is undermining the Renewable Fuels Standard(RFS). Grassley has said it before and reiterated it today, he believes Pruitt is failing the president and the president’s vision for the RFS.



The rally, Jennings says, had a great turn out on such short notice.