Unapproved GM Wheat Found in Canada

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency confirmed the finding of genetically modified wheat which contained a trait developed by Monsanto. The wheat was found in southern Alberta, growing on an access road to an oil platform last summer. The website RealAgriculture.com says that the suspicious plants were reported by a custom applicator after they survived an application of glyphosate. Seven plants were taken in for testing while the rest of the patch was destroyed. Testing showed the wheat contained a genetically modified trait, or “event,” that was field tested by Monsanto. However, the plants don’t match any Canadian registered wheat variety. Monsanto tested the trait from 1998 to 2000, but the trial sites were hundreds of miles away from where the wheat was found. A CFIA scientist says that the GM wheat has a genetic background that doesn’t match any currently registered wheat in Canada. “It has a fingerprint that is distinct from any registered wheat,” the scientist said during a press briefing, “and CFIA is working to identify the specific class of this wheat.