ND Soybean Council’s See For Yourself Tour, Day 1 Recap

On day one of the North Dakota Soybean Council‘s See for yourself tour, Tuesday, American Ag Network’s Sabrina Hill joined soybean growers on a trip to Portland, Oregon.

Early in the day, she talked with soybean grower Levi Taylor about what his expectations were.

“Well, I’m very excited to go see a different part of the country that I’ve never seen before. Maybe go see some of the ports and experience how our beans leave North Dakota and are then exported out overseas,” he said. “And then, also just network and meet some new people.”

The first official stop on the tour Tuesday afternoon was a research farm. The researcher asked not to have his farm identified. “There’s a lot of protesters in Portland,” he told Hill.

He explained to the group what goes into researching the products used on crops. He went over everything from spraying techniques to crop problems to equipment variables.

On Wednesday the group starts with a discussion with the North Dakota Soybean Council and a session on weed control. The day continues with a bio diesel tour and visit to the export grain terminal and other ports in Longview, Washington.