Iowa Farmers Support Trump’s Trade Tactics

A big part of the key groups that elected Donald Trump to the White House are farmers, and some of them are still confident in his trade tactics. At a recent Republican roundtable in Iowa, producers from around the state said they are still confident in spite of the escalating trade war that threatens their businesses. Iowa farmer Norman Rozendaal refers to the current trade dispute as “a pimple on the acne face of life,” saying it will heal. “I’m willing to take this because it will heal over, and we’ll smile as we look back at a fair trading field,” Rozendaal says. A KPTM TV article says five other farmers echoed the sentiments of Rozendaal. The six panelists who farm grain, dairy, and hogs, all say they are willing to go through the short-term damage if it eventually leads to a solid long-term trade deal. Not all farmers share those opinions as many farmers joined protestors who spoke out against the president’s visit to Iowa back on July 26.