American Pig Farmers Embrace One Health Day Principles

America’s pig farmers will take part in the celebration of the global One Health Day on Saturday, November third. Producers will reaffirm their commitment to using antimicrobials responsibly as they do their part to reduce antibiotic resistance. This supports producers’ core values of continuous improvement and doing what’s right for the health of people, pigs, and the planet. National Pork Board President Steve Rommereim says pig farmers work every day to ensure their animal’s health and welfare while embracing environmental stewardship to mutually benefit all. “One Health Day is a good opportunity to share with the public that we are committed to using antibiotics responsibly and to doing our part to reduce the risk of antimicrobial resistance,” says Rommereim. Doctor Heather Fowler of the National Pork Board says, “There’s no single factor driving antimicrobial resistance. It’s a complex issue with human, animal, and environmental health all contributing to the outcome.” She says that’s why a transdisciplinary approach like One Health is essential to ensure optimal health well into the future.