Bayer Focused on Defending Glyphosate

Bayer says that it’s focused on defending Monsanto weed-killers containing glyphosate from lawsuits over claims that the products cause cancer. However, Bayer CEO Werner Baumann says they might settle those cases if the court costs become too high. Earlier this year, Bayer acquired Monsanto for $63 billion. “If we can settle nuisances at some point where the defense costs become significantly higher than potential settlement amounts, we will of course consider it from an economic standpoint,” says Baumann. A Reuters report says that was his response to questions on whether or not Bayer might consider settling in certain scenarios. He did add that, “We will resolutely and with all means defend ourselves against this glyphosate litigation.” Back on August 10th, a San Francisco jury awarded $289 million to Dewayne Johnson on grounds that Monsanto had failed to warn the groundskeeper and other customers about the potential cancer risks of Roundup and Ranger Pro. Since then, shares in Monsanto have dropped 25 percent of their value. A judge later reduced the award to $78 million. Johnson has terminal non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that he alleges was caused by repeated use of the Roundup herbicide.