National Chicken Council Website Helps With Consumer Education

The National Chicken Council is one of many Ag organizations that recognize consumers are interested in more information about the food they eat when dining out. The NCC recently launched a new website to help foodservice and culinary professionals pass on the information to consumers. The website offers information on how the chickens served to consumers is raised and processed. The new Chicken Check In Foodservice website provides information on how broilers (chickens raised for meat) are raised and produced in the U.S. The information also includes frequently asked questions, a glossary of chicken labeling terms, as well as additional resources. The 2018 U.S. Chicken Consumption Report says chicken consumption outside the home is growing and consumers want to learn more about the product. As many as 68 percent of consumers have eaten a chicken meal or snack from a food service establishment in the past two weeks. They also anticipate eating more chicken from food service establishments over the course of the next 12 months.