USB Awards Grant to Increase Soybean Protein Content

A grant from the United Soybean Board supports Amfora to develop soybean varieties with increased protein content. The grant from USB will provide Amfora with $350,000 in funding for a one-year period. If certain milestones are achieved, USB may, at its discretion, provide additional funding in the following years. Amfora is a self-described biotechnology company that is applying gene editing to sustainably feed the planet. USB CEO Polly Ruhland says increasing the protein content of U.S.-grown soy “is a key strategic objective for USB.” Amfora Chief Science Officer Michael Lassner says the company already demonstrated it can significantly increase the protein content of soybean seed by re-programming a genetic switch in the soybean genome. By doing so, he says, the program could “accelerate the development and launch of soybeans with at least 10 percent more protein across the U.S. soybean belt.”