FCSAmerica, What Farmers Need to Know From an Insurance Standpoint

Weather and markets certainly challenged farmers in the Midwest in 2018. Jen Aadland of Farm Credit Services of America based in Mitchell, SD talked with Farm News Director Rusty Halvorson, to explain some key challenges of 2019 from a crop insurance standpoint.

“Planting delays, excessive rainfall during the planting season and severe storms toward the end of the season” Jen Aadland said “Some quality issues stood out. Mold on the ear were reported before harvest and soybeans on the ground after harvest, was another. Soybeans just split from the pod due to rainfall, snow and excessive drying after the fields dried.”

Has we head into another tight marginal year Jen Aadland says there are a few things farmers should know.

“Farmers should know their true cost of production” Said Jen “The second is make a marketing plan and follow it. The third is matching crop insurance to the operations specific needs and making the right decision on options.”

Listen to the news interview here.