U.S. Cattlemen’s Association Supports Montana COOL Legislation

The U.S. Cattlemen’s Association says the Montana country-of-origin meat labeling bill offers “truth in labeling.” USCA supports the legislation that would bring back a modified version of COOL for beef and pork sold within the state. The bill would require a placard be accompanied with any livestock or poultry products offered for sale in Montana that indicates it was either “Born, Raised, and Processed in the United States,” “Processed Inside the United States” or “Processed Outside of the U.S.A.” In addition to reviving the COOL program, the bill would also prohibit the marketing, advertising, or labeling of cell-cultured edible products as livestock or poultry. USCA’s Maggie Nutter of Sweetgrass, Montana says of the legislation that “our industry’s commitment to transparency creates greater consumer trust and credibility for our product.” The Montana Senate Agriculture Committee held the first hearing on the bill Tuesday afternoon.