China Buys Over Two Million Bushels of U.S. Sorghum

The USDA Export Sales Report contained a pleasant surprise for American sorghum farmers. China made its first purchase of the crop since a dispute arose between China and the U.S. over an anti-dumping case in February of 2018. China initiated anti-dumping and countervailing duty cases against the commodity in February and implemented a 25 percent tariff on sorghum and other U.S. commodities in June. Dan Atkisson is the National Sorghum Producers Chair and says the purchase is great news for U.S. sorghum. “We are thrilled to see this on the books going into the 2019 planting season as hopefully the first of many,” he says. “We look forward to returning to trade with our largest export partner, and we are encouraged not only by this sale but the reported 2.2-million-bushel sale to Spain, as well.” He says the group believes the news is a direct result of meetings between leaders of the two nations, and they appreciate both Administrations’ willingness to continue to press forward toward a long-term agreement between the U.S. and China.