Mexican Farmers Call for Mirror Tariffs on U.S. Ag Products

Mexican farmers are urging mirror measures on U.S. farm imports of yellow corn, poultry and other products to counter decades of subsidized imports from the United States. Reuters reports Mexico is currently working on an updated list of products imported from the U.S. on which to possibly apply a second round of tariffs in response to U.S. measures imposed on Mexican steel and aluminum by the Trump Administration last year. Mexico’s Deputy Minister for Foreign Trade told reporters Mexico knows “the U.S. agricultural sector is what hurts the United States’ government the most.” U.S. farm leaders, including Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, have called for an end to the section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs on Mexico and Canada, arguing the retaliating tariffs negate the benefits of the recently negotiated U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement that will replace the North American Free Trade Agreement.