USDA Announces Repayment Option for Previous MPP Participants

The Department of Agriculture announced options last week for repayment to dairy farmers who participated in the Margin Protection Program for Diary, now replaced by the Dairy Margin Coverage Program. To be eligible for repayment, a dairy operation must have participated in the MPP-Dairy during any calendar year from 2014 through 2017, have the repayment calculated and verified by the Farm Service Agency and elect one of two options by September 20, 2019. An operation’s repayment amount is calculated for each applicable calendar year in which that dairy participated in MPP, from 2014 through 2017. An operation either can elect to receive 50 percent of the repayment amount as a cash refund or take 75 percent of the amount as a credit that can be used toward premiums for the new Dairy Margin Coverage Program. Signup for DMC begins June 17 and also ends September 20. Eligible dairy producers soon will receive a letter from FSA, outlining their repayment options.