Massive Ag Coalition Urges USMCA Ratification

More than 950 agribusinesses and farm groups are urging Congress to ratify the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement quickly. Canada, Mexico and the U.S. have all taken the first steps towards ratifying the agreement that will replace the North American Free Trade Agreement. However, recent threats of additional tariffs, and the slow pace of politics, are concerning for farmers and ranchers. Chuck Conner, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives president and CEO, says USMCA “will provide an important source of certainty in a climate where that commodity is in short supply.” The group is urging lawmakers to “move quickly to bringing up the agreement” once it is formally submitted to Congress. Mexico is expected to ratify the agreement next week, following negotiations with the U.S. last week to stop threatened tariffs by the Trump administration over migrants crossing the border into the United States. Trump claimed the recent talks would result in “immediate” sales of U.S. ag products to Mexico. However, Mexico confirmed Monday that the talks did not include a side deal for agriculture.




From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters.