National Chicken Council: E15 to Increase Corn Price and Supply Volatility

The National Chicken Council says the recent rule to allow for year-round E15 brings the “potential for price and supply volatility in the corn market.” Council President Mike Brown told meat industry publication Meatingplace the Reid vapor pressure waiver for E15 would result in a rapid expansion of corn use under the Renewable Fuel Standard. Brown says the Environmental Protection Agency’s rule allowing year-round E15 “neglected to consider the impact on the broiler industry, and for poultry and livestock feeders.” The EPA announced the final rule last week, just in time for the summer driving season and to the delight of the ethanol industry and corn farmers. Meanwhile, the American Petroleum Institute claims the EPA “acted outside its statutory authority” in granting year-round E15 through a rushed rulemaking process. API, long opposed to the RFS, claims E15 could harm consumers and their vehicles. However, ethanol groups and the National Corn Growers Association contend E15 is good for farmers, consumers and the environment.




From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters.