Two USDA Agencies to Move, Less than Half of the Researchers to Follow

The move of two U.S. Department of Agriculture agencies will take less than 40% of the researchers to the Kansas City area. In June, the U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced the Economic Research Service and National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) would move out of Washington, DC and to the Kansas City area. The agencies combined will bring around 550 jobs to the central location. 

A USDA Spokesperson told The Kansas City Star Tuesday that 145 workers will follow their job to the new location while 250 individuals will leave the agency. Employees are still able to change their decision and are expected to officially report to the USDA Sept. 30.

The USDA’s reason for the move is to obtain a central location for the two agencies, reserve funding and to pull from a larger pool of knowledgeable individuals. USDA says moving the agencies would save about $20 million a year on rent and employee costs. This location also provides straightforward access for farmers and ranchers the two agencies serve. 

Details of the move are still being sorted out with little information coming out of the USDA. It is unclear if the agencies will be placed on the Kansas side of Kansas City or the Missouri side.