Ethanol Industry Counters EPA “Zero Evidence” Claim

The Environmental Protection Agency says small refinery waivers have no impact on ethanol producers. However, the biofuels industry disagrees. EPA this week claimed, “there is zero evidence” the waivers have a negative impact on domestic ethanol producers. Yet, POET, the largest U.S. ethanol producer, just announced it will idle production at its facility in Cloverdale, Indiana. The Renewable Fuels Association said last week that 13 ethanol plants have been closed, three permanently, because of the waivers. POET Chairman and CEO Jeff Broin says through the waivers, EPA “has robbed rural America, and it’s time for farmers across the Heartland to fight for their future.” Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says Closures in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Florida, Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Missouri and Nebraska “are only the beginning.” Growth Energy points out that dozens of biofuel plants have cut production, and ethanol consumption fell for the first time in 20 years because of the small refinery waivers being issued to now 42 of the nation’s 48 small refineries.