Florida Tomato Growers Accuse Mexico of Blackmail

Florida tomato growers are accusing Mexico of trying to blackmail the U.S. into backing away from President Trump’s commitment to strong and aggressive enforcement of U.S. unfair trade law. Mexico claims the U.S. Department of Commerce isn’t negotiating fairly in talks for a new Tomato Suspension Agreement, and that they are being forced into an unreasonable agreement. However, the Florida Tomato Exchange in a news release says Mexico is leaving out the fact that they are an equal party in the negotiations. The group says the negotiations are the result of a preliminary finding that the Mexican industry is dumping tomatoes in the U.S. market. Mexico’s tomato growers are now demanding the Mexican government retaliate against U.S. ag products exported to Mexico, if the U.S. Commerce Department doesn’t eliminate part of its proposal. The proposal includes border inspections of Mexican tomatoes under a new suspension agreement. However, the U.S. group agrees with the proposal, saying border inspections will ensure that the provisions of any new suspension agreement are enforced.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting.