National Pork Board to Host First-Ever Swine Innovation Summit

The National Pork Board will host the inaugural Swine Innovation Summit in Indianapolis on September 17, 2019. NPB bills the Summit as a special event, prior to the Forbes AgTech Summit in Indianapolis. The program seeks to help pork producers and food influencers better understand emerging technology trends facing today’s food production systems. NPB says today’s food production systems are undergoing explosive change and the animal agriculture industry needs to prepare in order to keep pace. The Swine Innovation Summit will focus on three key drivers of change including emerging technology, new and dynamic business models and consumer behaviors which impact shopping preferences and food choices. An NPB spokesperson says, “In the span of a few short hours, we intend to educate today’s pig farmers on what they need to know and how they must adapt to the changing world in which we live.” NPB is offering the conference free of charge to pig farmers, swine veterinarians, authorized academics and allied industry. Learn more at