2020 Planting Intentions Include More Corn, Soybeans

A survey by Farm Futures magazine reports farmers are planning to plant more corn and soybeans next year. The 2020 planting intentions survey found farmers intend to plant 94.1 million acres of corn next year, up 4.5 percent from the 90 million planted this year, as reported by the Department of Agriculture last month. Farmers also reported to Farm Futures their intention to plant 83.6 million acres of soybeans next year, nine percent more than 2019, but 5.6 million below the 89.2 million acres planted in 2018. Hard red winter wheat seedings are expected to increase 1.3 percent to 23 million acres, and soft red winter wheat seedings could also increase. Meanwhile, farmers in cotton-growing states are planning to reduce cotton seedings by 8.7 percent to 12.7 million acres next spring, and sorghum could gain 9.3 percent to reach 5.8 million acres planted. However, given the wet spring in 2019, and the number of acres not planted, some of the survey results should come as no surprise.