Alltech Forms Strategic Research Alliance for Sustainable Beef Production

Alltech and Archbold Biological Station’s Buck Island Ranch in Florida recently formed a research alliance to develop beef management approaches. Specifically, the partnership seeks to increase the quality and quantity of beef produced in subtropical regions while maintaining and enhancing the environment. The collaboration brings together scientists from two different disciplines, ecologists from Archbold and ruminant nutritionists from Alltech, to understand the impact that cattle production has on an ecosystem. A spokesperson for the program says the research may lead to improved supplemental feed strategies and reducing cattle methane emissions. The research at Buck Island Ranch has long been focused on the relationships between agricultural production, management and natural resources, including water and soils, as well as biodiversity and addressing threats like invasive species and climate change. An Alltech spokesperson says the collaborations aims to demonstrate that the maintenance of the ecosystem is a critical factor in sustainable beef production and also to show how cattle can be a critical part of maintaining natural ecosystems.