NCGA Supports EPA’s Interim Decision on Glyphosate Registration

The National Corn Growers Association recently submitted comments in support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed interim registration review decision for glyphosate. EPA is required to review pesticide registrations every 15 years to comply with the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, but may choose to issue interim decisions as needed to account for completed risk assessments and the availability of new data. Lynn Chrisp, NCGA president from Nebraska, says NCGA “appreciate the EPA’s recognition of the sound science behind this product in its interim review decision.” In the decision at hand, EPA states it is issuing an interim decision to move forward with aspects of the registration review that are complete, including the human health and ecological risk assessments. Glyphosate continues to be the cornerstone for comprehensive and sustainable weed management, Chrisp noted, though growers understand that a diverse plan is necessary for both season-long control and resistance management. The EPA expects to issue its final registration decision for glyphosate once the Endangered Species Act evaluation is complete.